Next Step offers accommodations in homes which allow residents to feel comfortable rather than incarcerated. Living in the comfort of a fully furnished, spacious home in a neighborhood setting allows residents to take their first steps into living substance free. The homes are separated between men and women and have a maximum capacity of ten.

The Jabez House

The Jabez House accommodates up to ten women. The Jabez House is located in the historic Farrington Grove neighborhood. This house is a three story home with five bedrooms and three bathrooms. Walking into the home you immediately feel the elegant charm of the well preserved woodwork and vintage décor. The Jabez house is spacious enough to comfortably accommodate ten women and provide areas for times of quiet reflection.

The Cornerstone House

The Cornerstone House is the men’s house which also accommodates up to ten men. The Cornerstone House, located in the historic Farrington Grove neighborhood, has classic character complete with finely crafted wood work and an elegant staircase. This house has five bedrooms and two bathrooms. A community kitchen and several sitting rooms allows for the residents to strike a balance between socializing and spending time alone, reading, reflecting or just relaxing. There is also an exercise workout room, complete with a weight bench in the basement.

The Moses House

The Moses House is also known as the “honor house”. This house is for men who have completed the program but would like to spend more time before transitioning into independent living. The Moses House has four bedrooms and has a maximum capacity of four residents at any given time. Located outside the historic neighborhood of Farrington Grove, this house is spacious with a more modern feel.

The Esther House

Located one block from our main facility, the Esther House is a charming four bedroom home that is the perfect place for women who have completed the 90 day program, but want to stay on longer. It is spacious and allows for plenty of private room for those women looking to continue their recovery work and stay close to the Next Step community. Women with children will be considered for residency on a case by case basis.