Core Values & Guiding Principles

  • We value open and honest communication
  • We desire to have meaningful relationships with others
  • We are willing to have our ideas challenged and we are open to new ideas
  • We demonstrate respect for others in all that we say and do
  • We respect the property and possessions of others
  • We value the courage of each person making the choice to face life sober
  • We are loyal to the absent and give feedback directly to the person who needs to hear it
  • We believe recovery is a spiritual journey and we respect each individual’s spiritual path
  • We believe we can change our destiny by changing our choices
  • We don’t make promises we cannot keep
  • We acknowledge, appreciate, and value our own unique gifts, abilities, and personal worth
  • We set and keep personal boundaries
  • We do not violate the boundaries set by others
  • We value the 12-step process and fellowship
  • We are responsible for our choices and accept the consequences of our choices
  • We believe that we are the only ones who are fully accountable for our lives
  • We value unity and teamwork
  • We believe service to others is an integral part of our recovery
  • We believe love is the foundation of all that we do at Next Step

Get in Touch

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